Bow Hunting Season 2016

The first two weekends of bow hunting season 2016 in Montana were nothing short of glorious even though we didn’t get anything. There is something so rejuvenating and exhilarating about getting out of cell phone range, sleeping in our RV (with no hookups), snuggling under wool blankets, waking to the cold, heading out before dawn and then again before sunset.

Just like last year we spent opening weekend at Shanley Creek near Ovando, Montana on Upsata Lake. Just on the edge of the Bob Marshall and smack in the middle of grizzly country you have to be vigilant and prepare for bear encounters, but it is beautiful, peaceful and pure Montana.


A hunting/camping weekend with us is top notch. Let me brag for just a minute…my fabulous husband prepares first class food, bakes fresh bread and makes sure we eat as though we are at a restaurant the entire time we are camping. At the end of a hunting day, I put together a meal from the vast array of delectable eats with which Shane loaded the RV ice box and pantry. While I’m putting dinner together, he is busy building a campfire which becomes social central for the campground. On top of all that, we travel with a top shelf bar, prepared to serve our guests our house cocktail.



Shane bring his bike so he can scout more areas and I bring my bike so I can take a leisurely ride and take pictures.

Even though we didn’t get anything opening weekend, it was nothing short of epic. I love stalking in the evenings with Shane and taking pictures along the way. This is going to be a good year, I can feel it.




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