Honey Cowl


It’s getting colder here in Montana and today there is actually a light snow falling, you can see it in my hair.  I completed Antonia Shankland’s Honey Cowl over the summer.  I used the Raven Ridge Fiber Arts hand painted, merino silk yarn that Caleb gave me for Christmas two years ago, however then discovered I had a hard time finding something in my wardrobe with which to pair the cowl.

Last month Shane and I were shopping at Missoula Catholic Schools Bargain Corner Thrift Store when I found two fabulous items.  One being a gray Pendleton, merino wool turtleneck and a wool herringbone cape.  Both items cost a whopping $8 and they make a beautiful combination with the cowl.


Check out the pattern on Ravelry and knit faster, winter is here!


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