Summer Scrapbook

This summer we had an epic time taking all 5 kids to California. We spent almost two weeks exploring San Francisco, surfing Santa Cruz and then chilling out near Yosemite.

Having teenagers is so much fun when it comes to traveling and touring cities together. Our kids get along really well and maybe that’s because we are a blended family…perhaps we appreciate our differences more rather than allowing silly things irritate us so easily. I’m sure part of the reason our kids get along so well is because they DO NOT live together all year long. So summers are set aside just for fun and family time.

We rented a VRBO in San Jose and then set out from there each day exploring. The very first day reminded me of my days driving from Newport News to Chesapeake and crossing the bridges to get there. Have to say I do not miss that and I really do not miss the traffic! Ugh, how I hate big city traffic! Once we finally got to our destination and we were on foot, things got a whole lot better.

We explored the DeYoung Museum and as is the case with older kids they actually enjoyed and appreciated everything they were seeing. We issued a photo challenge to the ones who brought cameras and it was fun to see what pictures they took at the end of each day. Shane and I would come around a corner and find them posing each other in the museum setting up creative shots. It was fabulous! I had them all submit their favorites for our movie scrapbooks.

Take a tour of San Francisco with The Andersons! Take special note of the famous YouTuber we met when we were taking pics of the bridge. The Emily and Morgan had a fit when they met him. I honestly don’t remember his name.

Next we were off to Santa Cruz for a day of surfing. Not all of us were going to surf…me and Emily decided to be the photographers for this outing. We met our private instructor at Pleasure Point and it turned out to be a perfect day even though it started out pretty cool in the beginning. Eric was the perfect instructor and we are happy to share his contact information. The waves were great and everyone got up on their boards.

We ended the afternoon with some great eats at Tacos Moreno on Water Street and they were the bomb! Then the kids had donuts around the corner for dessert.


This was one movie scrapbook the kids couldn’t wait for me to get started on and make so they could all sit down and watch themselves.


F o l l o w   M e   H e r e