Caleb Travels to Europe

Shortly after Caleb began his freshman year of high school he came home and said that he had an opportunity to go to Europe over Spring Break and would like to go. The trip was coordinated through EF Tours and included tours of Paris, Normandy and London over 8 days.

This was Caleb first trip out of the country without his family planning, coordinating and traveling with him. His Papa Gene went on the trip as a chaperone, but the night before leaving it was clear that Caleb had some reservations about not traveling with dad. It was exciting to see Caleb rise to the challenge before him and even more exciting to here about everything he experienced when he returned.

We got a great little point and shoot for Caleb to take on his trip, hoping he would embrace taking photos and bring us back lots of pictures to see. And to our surprise Caleb came back with quite a few pictures and a new interest in photography. Last night he spent a little time taking us through the photos while I picked some of the best shots to share on the website.

Yes, I’ve edited quite a few of the photos, but I have to say that Caleb and Papa Gene took some great pictures to begin with and I can tell that Caleb learned a few things along the way.

gardens at versailles copyreflections of dday pano


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