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  • For me there is no greater satisfaction than MAKING...whether it's taking beautiful photographs, knitting, sewing, stamping, painting or cooking MAKING is the very essence of my creativity. As a MAKER I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor just as much as I enjoy the process of MAKING.

    The art of MAKING allows me the freedom to express my individuality and gives me more satisfaction than the act of spending money to acquire an item. The things I MAKE, whether they are for myself, my family, my friends or a client require my time which is so much more valuable and precious than money.

    I started my photography business, La Vida Studios in 2009 while living in Texas, but my creative journey as a MAKER began when I was 14 years old with my first cross stitch project. Along the way I've been a MAKER of many things as my interests varied.

    This blog serves as our family blog and a way of keeping in touch with distant friends and family as well as a launching pad for my own personal creative business endeavors.

    Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea or perhaps a glass of wine, sit and let's visit a while...I hope you will be inspired to MAKE something yourself.

    For questions, inqueries and general contact, please use the Contact link above.

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